Welcome to Pistis Academy and the Christian Ministries to the Destitute (CMD)! We are much exited to have you as a volunteer at our school and look forward to meeting you shortly! We have put together a package about yourself and send to us so we can better place you when you arrive. We have included a list of projects we are currently working on or are interested in starting up, as well as a list of initiatives and projects which have been completed by volunteers just like you!


More About Volunteer Programs CMD sponsors both Pistis Academy and orphanage (House of Hope) for ex-street children, orphans and a school. The sponsorship is specially intended for the poor in Nakuru. They struggle with insufficient resources and facilities, including a limited teaching staff for the academy. Beyond the basic schooling, church programs, unsatisfactory housing and meals, there are almost no other programs currently in place for the children for physical health, or educational purposes. CMD is willing to place volunteers in its areas of focus, namely church internship, children and youth, education and academia, poverty and hunger. There is a lot to be done in this volunteer placement.


CMD is in Nakuru, in the rift valley province, in Kenya. Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya in the beautiful rift valley province. Nearby are the Lake Nakuru national game reserve and Menengai crater. Nakuru is about 2hrs drive northwest of Nairobi, (about 100 miles).
CMD physical structures consist of an office, chapel, kitchen, boys’ dormitory, girls dormitory (semi-permanent) and a large school building with two story’s which hose twelve classrooms.


In 2000, Gladys Wekesa (director) began Christian ministries to the destitute (CMD). The ministry started as a small orphanage and feeding program for the street boys in Nakuru area. The school begun a year later, when the people there realized they needed a school for these street children and orphans. It currently has one hundred and eighty orphans, 103 of whom are boys, and 77 girls. In January 2008, the school registered the first form four (grade twelve) classes. Presently, enrolment stands at three hundred students. They are taught in the full range Kenya’s school curriculum.


• Teaching (and teacher shadowing) from pre-school through grade twelve in
• various subjects.
• Cleaning and cooking in the kitchen.
• Construction (on large and small scale).
• Gardening and ground keeping.
• Medical and dental work (degrees required)
• Any other initiatives or interest, which should be discussed and approved by the school.

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