Pistis Education Center


Pistis Academy begun as an informal program offering education to the first group of orphans and vulnerable children (boys and girls) admitted at CMD in June 2000By January 2001, the government education office fully recognized the centre and was formally registered as Pistis Academy. Pistis means ‘Faith’ in Greek language. After the formal registration, Pistis opened doors to other non-vulnerable groups from the neighbouring informal settlements. Total enrolment currently stands at 300. Out of the 300 pupils, 180 are the orphans and vulnerable children directly dependent on CMD sponsorship.


Pistis offers the governments approved 8-4-4 system of education. This is for all the classes- pre-school to high school. Pistis is also actively involved in other co-curriculum programs such as music, drama, sports and creative arts.Boarding FacilitiesPistis is mostly a day school but has limited boarding opportunities for non-CMD children.


Pistis is poised to start a vocational training section to offer skills such as tailoring, hair dressing, carpentry, crafts, computer studies, entrepreneurship and other community development programs. The objective is to give the orphans and vulnerable groups a head start before being integrated back into community.


Though Pistis essentially exists for the orphans and vulnerable children, other non- vulnerable children are offered admission at the school for a fee. This is to generate For Food, Shelter, Clothing and Education to the Destitute
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budgetary support for the OVC program. For details of admission contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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