Pistis Children's Home

House of Hope/ Children’s Home


Care giving and rehabilitation. We provide Food, Shelter, Medicine, Clothing and Education to orphans and the vulnerable children for their survival and well being.


We envision a community in which the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children is adequately addressed through the provision of alternative foster care and integrated programs for rehabilitation of the abused and destitute children.


Our goal is to rehabilitate and care for the identified orphans and Vulnerable children within our community through nurture, counseling and provision of basic needs:-food, shelter, clothing, medicine and education.
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The friends of CMD-Pistis orphans and vulnerable children Fundraising Club constitute local and international men and women from all walks of life joined together by the passion to assist the orphans at CMD Pistis.


The activities of this Club revolve around fund raising geared towards budgetary support of the CMD-Pistis OVC programs.


Membership is open to all age groups provided one is able to donate at least KES 1000 (USD $15) either as a one time gift, or on a monthly basis. Members keep in touch to participate in various activities that raise funds to ensure that the needs of the orphans are met at all times.Current activitiesTouch an Orphan’s Education Fund Raising Day on 10th October 2009 is the big event of the year. This will be preceded by a 10km Charity Walk to be flagged off at the Nyayo Gardens, Nakuru. International friends may organize similar events within their locality and send the proceeds to the main fund raising event to be held on 10th October at CMD – Pistis Centre. Proceeds will go towards the upkeep of children in regard to food, clothing, medical care, food supplies, etc.


Our aim is to raise a minimum of KES 540,000/- (US $9000) every term (three academic months) for the orphans. This will be sufficient to purchase food and meet their most basic supplies for education and accommodation every term. All participants in this effort will be acknowledged in our quarterly bulletin and publicity materials. By joining in the effort, we also believe that God will bless you for helping an orphan or vulnerable child.
+254 724 750 169, +254 720 878 849
budgetary support for the OVC program. For details of admission contact:
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For further information on to how you can join and participate in the friends of CMD orphans club, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call +254 724 750 169
For Food, Shelter, Clothing and Education to the Destitute
+254 724 750 169, +254 720 878 849

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